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Park National Bank in Newark

The Newark Park National Bank was founded in July 1908 [1] and opened their first offices on January 1st, 1909. [2]. The three founders Alvun R. Lindorf, Augustus G. Wyeth and William W. Gard originally founded the bank as the Guardian Savings and Trust Co. in 1907, and it quickly became the leader of Newark's banking community. The main offices expanded and moved to 32 North Park Place, and because of the rapid growth of the Guardian, the founders turned their attention towards the conversion to a national bank, which became Park National Bank. [1]

In 1952 a branch in Hebron was opened and the Kirkersville Bank Co. was purchased and opened as a branch of Park National. In 1967 they were the second bank in Ohio to have a credit card. [3] Throughout the years, branches have opened in surrounding areas in Licking County, as well as a branch in downtown Columbus. Their subsidiaries include Fairfield National Division, Richland Trust Co., Central National Bank, the First-Knox National Bank, Farmers and Savings Division, United Bank, N.A., Second National Bank, The Security National Bank and Trust Co., Unity National Division, the Citizens National Bank of Urbana, Scope Leasing Inc., and Guardian Finance. [4]

Park National Bank was ranked as the fifth best mid-sized bank overall, and were included in the top 100 companies in Ohio from the Cleveland Plain Dealer . [5] In 2006, PNB was awarded the Governor's Award for Support of the Arts from the Ohio Arts Council. [6] The bank celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008.

John Alford

One of the most well known figures at the bank is John W. Alford. He began working at the bank in 1935 and was named president in 1956, before serving as chairman of the board in the 1980s. [7] The former Krebs building at 21 S. First St. was named in his honor on October 15th, 1985, fifty years to the day that he began his career at Park National.


In May 1989, PNB was the victim of the largest bank robbery in Licking County history when two men, Rodney Dominic Radford and Daniel Dwayne Lewis stole $438,000 from the North 21st Street Branch in Newark. [8] Lewis was found guilty on three counts of armed robbery, while Radford was found innocent. [9]


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