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"Holophane is a leading, vertically integrated, international manufacturer and marketer of premium quality, highly engineered lighting fixtures and systems for a wide range of industrial, commercial and outdoor applications".[1]

"Holophane manufactures glass reflectors and refractors and plastic lenses which cover a light source” and put “that light exactly where it is needed.” Holophane was founded in France in 1895 by two factory workers who “came up with the idea of using prismatic glass to surround a light source and thus achieve a more effective, useful and smooth illumination."[2]

A Holophane plant opened in Newark in 1902 and began producing lighting fixtures. Newark was chosen due to “the presence of A.H. Heisey Glassworks, the availability of a pure silica sand and natural gas with which to melt it,” as well as “a large population of German workers with the glassmaking skills to operate the plant.” [3]

At one time Holophane had three plants in Licking County at Newark, Pataskala and Utica.[4]

Initially, the Newark plant included Holophane’s administration offices, customer service department, research and development, shipping and warehousing, glass production, and product assembly. Over the years some of these divisions were relocated to other areas of Licking County and even to other parts of the world. For example, in 2007, Holophane’s administrative offices were moved to the Granville Business Park in order to set up a larger customer education center for prospective clients.[5] In 2008, Holophane’s parent company, Acuity Brands Lighting, announced they were moving two assembly lines to their Acuity Operations in Mezquital, Mexico.[6]



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