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A.H. Heisey & Co.

Mr. Augustus H. Heisey emigrated from Hanover, Germany at 1 year of age to Pennsylvania. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War (155th Pennsylvania Infantry). He founded A.H. Heisey & Company in 1895 and chose Newark, Ohio for the plant’s site due to the availability of natural gas and cheap labor. The factory was built on the old Penny Farm on the east side of Newark, currently the site of the Holophane plant. Production began in April 1896 and Heisey’s slogan was “The finest glassware in America.” During it’s time of peak production (around 1920) the plant employed 700 workers who belonged to the American Flint Glass Worker’s Union. When Mr. A.H. Heisey died in 1922 his son E. Wilson Heisey took over the company and began the production of colored glass. The colored glass includes Moongleam (green) and Flamingo (rose-pink) which are two of the most popular colors. The Heisey animal figurines began with the horsehead bookends in 1935. In 1942 when E. Wilson died, another son T. Clarence assumed control until 1957. The plant closed for its’ usual Christmas holiday in 1957 and surprisingly never reopened due to foreign competition, spiraling costs, and lack of skilled help.

Heisey & Holophane

Heisey manufactured the glass used by Holophane in lights that sold throughout the world early in the 20th century. The quality of the glass contributed to Holophane’s fame. Holophane helped restore some of the original Heisey molds for the 100th anniversary of A.H. Heisey and Co. The molds are now used to make authentic reproductions and are marked as such. To distinguish them from an original piece they are not made in the original colors.

Heisey’s Trademark

During the first 4 years of production, Heisey glass did not have the trademark “H within a diamond.” From 1901 to the mid-1920’S almost every pressed piece of Heisey glass was marked. From mid-1920 and beyond, the mark was seen less often as it was thought to detract from the piece. Heisey’s blown glassware is the largest unmarked category due to the method in which it is manufactured.

National Heisey Collectors of America

The National Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. (HCA) was formed on Oct. 15, 1971 to collect and preserve Heisey products. The Licking County affiliate’s most ambitious project was the National Heisey Glass Museum which opened in Newark, Ohio in Sept. 1974. The museum is located in Veteran's Park, next to the Sherwood Davidson House, at 17-35 N. 6th Street in Newark. Part of the museum is housed in the historic King House, which was relocated from its location downtown.

Visit the National Heisey Collectors of America's website here.