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The Granville Sentinel was first established in 1880, under the name Granville Times. This publication ran until 1941, when it shut down. The Granville Sentinel started back up in 1970,[1] but was still a struggling business until it was purchased in December 1988, by Sally and Angus MacPhail. When they purchased it, the newspaper only had 600 subscribers, but by 1993, the paper had 1500 paid subscribers and sold 300 copies at newsstands.[2] In 1995, the same company that owns Newark Advocate and Pataskala Standard bought the Granville Sentinel from the MacPhails.[3] In 2015, after 7 years of project work, the Granville Public Library made it possible to access the Granville Sentinel online. Access to the website is free, but an account does need to be created.[4]


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