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The Dawes Family, descendants of the legendary and heroic Billy Dawes, founded Dawes Arboretum, located on Ohio 13. Billy Dawes was the great-great-grandfather the Arboretum’s founder, Beman Gates Dawes. The founder also had another great-great-grandfather, Dr. Manesseh Cutler, who studied flora and the medicinal applications of herbs and other naturally occurring plants.[1]

Dr. Manesseh Cutler’s Son, Judge Ephraim Cutler, signed the Constitution that appointed Ohio as a new state and establishing the state’s first botanical garden, completing Manesseh Cutler’s work.[2]

William Dawes, III, a grandson of patriotic the hero William “Billy” Dawes, became a benefactor of Oberlin College. He was also a well-known leader in the abolitionist movement. His son, James William Dawes, served as governor of Nebraska from 1883-1887.[3]

Charles Dawes, great-great-grandson of Billy Dawes and son of General Rufus Dawes, served as Vice President of the United States from 1925-1929 under President Calvin Coolidge.[4]



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