William Dawes Jr.

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William Dawes, Jr. was born on April 6, 1745 and died on February 25, 1799. While everyone may have heard heroic tales of Paul Revere’s nighttime ride, warning people of the approaching British army, they might not have heard tales of his partner, William ‘Billy’ Dawes, Jr. Revere had the knowledge to print his own money, but he needed Billy Dawes, a disguise artist, to be able to acquire a printing press for him.[1] On April 18, 1775, Paul Revere, Billy Dawes, and Dr. Prescott set out to warn the Minutemen about the British Army that was headed from Boston to Lexington. While Paul Revere was caught, Billy Dawes and Dr. Prescott were able to escape from the army, and their heroics lead the victory at Lexington and Concord.[2] Dawes was the great-great-grandfather of Beman Dawes, founder of the Dawes Arboretum.



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