Sullivan Building

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A picture of the Sullivan Building shortly after it was built.
The Sullivan Building, Newark, Ohio

In 1914, Emmett Melvin Baugher of the Home Building Association Company on South Third Street in Newark commissioned famous architect Louis Sullivan to build a new building on the north corner of Main and Third Streets. It was the second largest banking institution in Newark by 1907 and had outgrown its facility. The new building was completed in 1915. The Old Home Bank, as it was known, merged with the Franklin National Bank in 1928, changed its name to the Union Trust Company and became the largest financial institution in Licking County.

Louis Henry Sullivan was born in Boston in 1856, the second son of Patrick and Andrienne List Sullivan. Louis acquired an interest in architecture at an early age and apprenticed with Frank Furnass and then William Jenney (father of the iron-framed skyscraper). By 1881 he became an employee of Dankmar Adler, and soon afterward, a partner. In 1888 Sullivan hired Frank Lloyd Wright as a draftsman and fired him in 1893 for moonlighting. [1]


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