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Walter White was born in Kirkersville, Ohio, January 5, 1901. His passion for photography began when he created his own photography room over a coal shed, where he developed his first photos at the age of fourteen. In early adulthood, Walter White worked for several different employers, taking various forms of photographs. While he served in the Navy, he was employed to do aerial photography for a professional photographer. In 1958, White was piloting a plane for the Civil Air Patrol when he was involved in a crash. As a result, White became crippled, effectively ending his career.[1]

Over the years, Walter White was awarded many prestigious photography awards, such as The Silver Plaque of India; a medal of the Photographic Institute of Brussels; a diploma of honor of the International Exhibition of Photography; he was awarded a coveted Fellowship in the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain; and received many other honors in 57 different countries.[2]

Walter White died in November 1976 at the Pine Kirk Nursing Home, Kirkersville, of natural causes pertaining to old age.[3]



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