Upland Farm

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A photo of the Upland Farm in 1890.
The Upland Farm in 1890
The Upland Farm, located at 38463 Preston Rd. north of Newark, is a historic farm built around 1820 and is an example of rural Federal architecture.[1] The home was built by Miles Marple on a 4,000 acre property that had been purchased by Miles’s father, David Marple, in 1814.[2] The farm remained in the Marple family until 1875 when it was purchased by Richard Owens, a potato farmer. Owens used the property to raise sheep but never lived in the house, leading to the home’s disrepair.[3] In 1943, the Hayden family purchased the home and began repairing and restoring it.
A photo of the Upland Farm in 1992.
The Upland Farm in 1992.
They retained many of the original details such as wide floorboards and decorative moldings. The Haydens’ son Bud and his wife Ginny began living in the home in the 1950’s and meticulously cared for it, thoroughly researching the property’s history and caring for its historic details.[4]



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