Robert W. Mentzer

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Robert W. Mentzer (October 4, 1920 - May 16, 1990) served many roles during his lifetime. As a younger man, he completed twenty-three years in the military, retiring at age 40, and twenty-eight years in education as superintendent of Licking County Schools, including seven years at East High School in Columbus. Also involved in grant writing, Mentzer was a business manager at the Ohio State University Newark branch. His interest in art was always visible, and Mentzer became the president of the Licking County Art Association in 1980. His own artwork is realistic, displaying landscapes, seascapes, and still life scenes.

Mentzer took classes on the history of art at Oxford in England. He graduated from Denison University in 1947 with a multi-major and a minor in geology. He was married to June Brown, and together they had five children. [1]



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