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Reverend John Emmitt was a Revolutionary War veteran and reverend of Licking County, Ohio.


John Emmitt was born October 22, 1759 in Cecil County, Maryland. He enlisted in the army in July of 1776 and served five months as a private in Captain Walter Alexander’s Company. During his service he participated in the Battle of White Plains, New York. His company was dismissed just prior to Christmas in 1776. In 1777, Emmitt would later participate in the Battle of Iron Hill in Delaware, and continue his service as a member of scouting parties until the end of the war. He married his first wife, Margery Gutherie and together they had five children, Rebecca, Anna, Mary, John, and Abraham. Margery later died in 1807. Emmitt married his second wife Margaret and had two additional children Margaret and Joseph.

By 1806 Emmitt was a Methodist minister in Licking County. In 1807 he served as chaplain for the first celebration of the 4th of July in Licking County. He was also a pioneer preacher of Newton Township and was among the first to hold religious services in Washington Township. Reverend Emmitt served in the Ohio legislature in 1812, 1813, 1815. His work as a minister led him to travel to many different states including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. He moved to Utica, Ohio in 1844 to live with his daughter until his death in 1847. [1]

Burial Site

Reverend John Emmitt was buried in Utica, Ohio. The grave marker is adorned with an American flag and 2 plaques, one for his service in the Revolutionary Way and one for his service as a member of the United Methodist clergy.[2]



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