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Randy Rose (January 1, 1952 - February 15, 2016) was an artist who made his living as a young man selling portraits of homes. These pen and ink drawings are remarkably realistic, featuring mostly historic homes and businesses. [1] Rose was passionate about recording the architectural history of Licking County through his art. He also traveled across the country drawing commissioned portraits of homes for his clients [2].

Rose graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in retail advertising from Columbus College of Art and Design and quickly found a job at an advertising company in Newark, his hometown. When he realized that he could make a living as a freelance artist, he quit his job in 1976 [3]. In 2003, Rose was hired by the Newark Bicentennial Commission to complete an art book of his drawings, but for reasons unknown, the book was never delivered. [4]

Later in life, Rose worked for a Licking County transit company. In 2016, he passed away from pancreatic cancer .



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