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Photo of First Presbyterian Church in Newark, Ohio.

The history of Presbyterian Churches in Licking County centers around 9 churches throughout the surrounding areas. The oldest and first church ever in Newark is the First Presbyterian Church, was established in 1808 by Reverend John Wright, whose services were the first regular preachings to take place in the young village. [1] A sanctuary was built in 1816. In 1836 a series of internal disagreements arose in the church surrounding significant doctoral differences as well as arguments about slavery, and 30 members withdrew from the church and began their own congregation, which eventually became the Second Presbyterian Church of Newark. [2]

  • Fairmount Presbyterian Church, Jacksontown
  • First Presbyterian Church, Granville
  • First Presbyterian Church, Newark
  • First Presbyterian Church, Pataskala
  • Hanover Presbyterian Church, Hanover
  • Jersey Reformed Presbyterian Church, Jersey
  • Outville Presbyterian Church, Pataskala
  • Woodside Presbyterian Church, Newark [3]


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