Natoma Restaurant

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A photo of Angie Athan inside the Natoma Restaurant.
Angie Athan at the Natoma
The Natoma Restaurant opened in 1922 under George Athan, a Greek immigrant, who named the restaurant after an Indian Princess from a popular opera of the time.[1] In 1951, George’s son, Angie Athan, took over the business. The restaurant stayed in the family when Angie passed away in 1999 and his children- Alexi, Dean, and Georgeann took over the reins.[2]

The restaurant was originally located at 24 N. Park Place, but in 1934 it moved a few doors down to 10 N. Park Place, where it remained until its closure in 2010. The closing of the Natoma was brought about when debt started to accumulate and delinquent state taxes caused the restaurant to lose its vendor’s license. Although last ditch efforts were made to save the restaurant, no deal could be reached and on April 30, 2010 the Natoma closed its doors for the last time.[3]



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