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Jeffries Supply Company has supplied wholesale candy and concession supplies for over 80 years. The company started as a family business, opened by Louisa and Joseph Giorgetti in 1936. The couple’s children took over the business in the 1940s. When the store first started out, it was a small confectionery that moved around before settling down at 42 North Third St. The candy shop stayed there until the 1950’s when it moved to the corner of Fifth Street and West Main Street, the current location of the Licking County Library. In March of 1991, Jeffries Supply Company was bought by Gummer Wholesale Incorporated. The ownership change was promised not to affect the dedicated clientele or the existing staff members.[1]

In November 1998, Jeffries Supply Company moved to a new location. It was relocated to 122 East Main Street, which was the former site of the Frenier Sheet Metal Company. At this point, Jeffries was mostly known for selling tobacco, candy, coffee, concession foods, Slush Puppie supplies, and various paper products.[2] The company had to relocate due to the construction of the new library, so they needed to vacate the premises quickly.[3] Jeffries Supply Company is currently located at 49 North Fourth Street in downtown Newark.



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