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Portrait of Isaac Smucker
Isaac Smucker was an author and historian who wrote about the history of Newark, OH.

Early Years

Isaac Smucker was born in Shenandoah county Virginia Dec 14, 1807. His early education began at a German school taught by his father. He continued his education in the common schools and then the academy at Somerset, Penn. Smucker lived in Somerset County from 1820 to 1825. During this time Smucker claims to have walked 400 miles to Newark, OH to explore the ponds, foot bridges, and public square. Smucker lived mostly in Newark from 1825-1894.[1]


Smucker had four children in his lifetime with wife Eliza. His children were Mrs W.B. Chambers, Carl C. Smucker, Peter Smucker, and Mrs. J.H. Jack.[2]

Political Work and Memberships

Smucker served in the Ohio State Legislature as a member of the National Road Committee between 1837-1839.[3] In 1838 Smucker was assigned as a member of the geological survey of Ohio.[4]

Smucker was president of the Ohio State Archaeological association and a member of the American Antiquarian Society, the Wisconsin and Nebraska historical societies, the Granville Historical and Philosophical Society, and the American Association for Advancement of Science.[5]

Writing and Publications

Isaac Smucker contributed to numerous publications throughout his life including “The Western Monthly Magazine”, “The Ladies Repository”, “Historical Magazine”, “Historical Record”, and “American Monthly Magazine”. He also wrote obituaries and papers for the Pioneer Society of Newark. A significant portion of the early history of Newark is laid out in his writings.[6] In 1876, Smucker published the earliest known history of Licking County.[7]

Smucker died January 31, 1894.[8]



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