Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society

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In 1995, a group of Buckeye Lake history enthusiasts, later known as the Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society, gathered together and decided to raise $100,000 to build a museum that would honor the Buckeye Lake area.[1] On August 17, 1997, the ground breaking for the new museum occurred.[2] Nearly 80 people gathered in support to attend the ground breaking ceremony.[3] The museum was built with the help of volunteers sent by the Ohio Civilian Conservation Corps - Zanesville, in exchange for training and job experience for the volunteers.[4] The new museum was joined with an existing cabin that was almost two hundred years old. The cabin was disassembled and rebuilt next to the museum in order to further its preservation. It is believed that the cabin was built in 1830, and it was donated by a Buckeye Lake native.[5] The Greater Buckeye Lake Museum officially opened in late May/early June of 1998.[6] Visit their website.



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