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The Granville Opera House was built by William Worden in 1849 and was originally used as a Baptist Church. Eventually, the congregation outgrew the building, and in 1882 it was sold to the township for $5,000.[1] Later that year, the building was moved across Main Street by a team of oxen and was placed on top of another one-story building. Over the years, the lower floor was used for retail businesses and town and government offices, while the upper floor was used as a theater and public meeting space. [2]

In June 1981, the Granville Opera House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. [3] Even with this designation, the building fell into disrepair and the high cost of renovating the building led to a debate over whether the building should be destroyed or restored. The argument was put to rest when a fire caused irreparable damage on April 7, 1982.[4] The blaze was started by a heating lamp which was warming the baby chicks that were traditionally given away on Easter. [5]



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