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The Granville Lifestyle Museum was located at 121 S. Main St. in Granville, Ohio. Before it housed the museum, the home belonged to Hubert and Oese Robinson. The house was built around 1871 and had several owners before the Robinsons moved in between 1917 and 1918. The home was donated as a museum following Oese Robinson’s death in 1981, per a request that she made in her will. [1]

As part of Oese’s will, the preservation of the home, landmarks, and memorabilia was to be set as a high priority. Oese Robinson and her friend Gloria Hoover worked on a project to preserve history and to add historical research to the community, some of which provides families with their lineage and an insight into the village’s past. [2]

Oese Robinson’s will also mentioned that she would like additional beautification efforts done to improve the appearance and quality of Granville. As part of this effort, the Robinson Foundation made renovations to the home’s garden, restoring it to former beauty. In past decades, the garden had been used for many of the Licking County garden clubs’ events.[3]

The former Granville Lifestyle Museum is once again a private residence.



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