Granville Historical Society

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The Granville Historical Society was established around the year 1885. The Historical Society has always been a proud protector of Granville’s records, artifacts, archives, and even their newsletter. They have a short publication series called “Granville’s Industrial Past”. Their publications are known as Pocket Histories.[1]


The Granville Historical Society underwent some controversy back in the early 1980’s. Former president, William T. Richards, had failed to tell the historical society that their tax-exemption status had been lifted due to IRS violations. Continuing the heated discussion about the losing of their tax-exemption status, William T. Richards created more problems by blackballing three new members of the society.[2] Following the incident, Richards was stripped of his powers of president and all of the tax and accounting responsibilities of the society were redirected to an accountant. The Granville Historical Society was in great trouble with both the IRS and the Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Foundation Section.[3]



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