Grand Theater

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A photo of the Grand Theater.
The Grand Theater in 1934.
The Grand Theater was located on the square at 31 South Park Place, between the alley and South Second Street.[1] When it closed in 1954, the theater had been open for 40 years.[2]

The Grand was last operated by the Price family. Charles E. Price of Mount Vernon bought the theater in 1919 and ran it with the help of his sons Virgil Price and Floyd Price of Columbus. Charles had purchased the theater from Herman Boach, who owned the theater for about six months. Prior to Mr. Boach, Abe Thomas and Fred Stevens ran the old nickelodeon, as many theaters of that time were called.[3]

The years took their toll on the family and the aging Grand Theater. After the death of Charles Price and illness of Virgil Price, it was decided that the theater should be closed.[4]

The building that housed the Grand Theater had also been home to several businesses, including a hardware store and a dry goods store. The building was torn down around 1972[5] and was replaced with an office building built by architects Zane Wachtel and Garry McAnally in 1989.[6]



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