Fountain School

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The Fountain School was a one room schoolhouse located near the intersection of Outville Road and Beaver Run Road, just south of the former town of Outville in Harrison Township, and was named for an artesian fountain that flowed at the site. The school was constructed in approximately 1888 and served students until 1907. In 1912, the property was sold to Charles Wells and the building was remodeled into a home. The school continued to be used as a home until Alfred Wells, the last owner of the property, passed away in 2005. Wells gifted the former schoolhouse, along with the property to the Licking County Foundation. Because of the severely deteriorated condition of the structure, the Foundation consulted with the West Licking Historical Society to determine the best course of action. They decided to dismantle the structure and hopefully rebuild it near the historic Outville Depot, which is operated by the society. The Licking County Foundation planned on selling the property to establish a scholarship fund in Wells's name. The building was dismantled in November of 2009. [1]



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