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Founded in 1861, John S. Fleek and George B. Sherwood opened a general wholesaling business on the east side of South Third Street at the canal. Originally known as Fleek and Sherwood, the new company dealt in all household products necessary for day to day living. When the company began, its goods were shipped through Newark using the canal. There were several changes in leadership throughout those early years accompanied by appropriate name changes, but always with Fleek remaining as the first name of the company. In 1917, the name was changed to Fleek and Son Co., named for Henry S. Fleek, son of founder John S. Fleek, and Henry’s son John. The business was moved to 41 S. Third Street and enjoyed many years of prosperity. Fleek and Son Co. was reported to be the oldest wholesaler in the state when its directors voted to close the company on February 2, 1953, 92 years to the day after it opened.[1][2]



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