Everett Albyn

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Everett H. Albyn was born November 20th, 1910 in Toboso. [1]. He was well known in the community as the owner of two local nurseries, Albyn's Landscape and Nursery in Marne, founded by his father in 1924, [2] and the H.A. Albyn Nursery near Hanover. He was best known for his rhododendrons. [3] He was active in the Newark Rotary and had a long association with the Dawes Arboretum. He was also a charter member of the Newark Tree Commission when it began in 1994. Albyn graduated from Ohio State University in 1936 [4] and served as an intelligence officer in Africa and Italy during WWII. He married his wife Anne in 1948. He died January 11th, 1997 and is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery.


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