Ella Humphrey Nichol

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Ella Humphrey Nichol (1878 - November 11, 1938) was an artist from Granville, Ohio. Though originally born in Cleveland, she moved to Granville as a young child to live with her aunt Kate. She received her education at the Granville Female Seminary and the Chicago Art Institute. During her life, she painted close to 100 paintings, all given to friends and family and now scattered around the country. Shortly after Nichol’s marriage to Alonzo Ferris Nichol, she moved to North Carolina and had two children, Kitty Ickes and Henry F. Nichol [1]. First in 1984 and then again in 1988, her work was on display at the Granville Life-style Museum. On the second occasion, Burke Art Gallery at Denison University also showed the paintings. Nichol was an art teacher at Broaddus College in West Virginia and in Minnesota around 1900 when she was just 21. Her specializations were watercolor, outdoor sketching, still life, oil, and china painting. [2]



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