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The DoubleTree by Hilton was originally built by Longaberger and was called The Place Off the Square. In 2011, an Indianapolis company bought The Place off the Square. The development company moved towards creating a better and nicer hotel for the community, drawing more out-of-towners to the area and making the hotel a more desirable place to stay.[1] Several months later, The Place off The Square was renamed Newark Metropolitan Hotel. The Newark Metropolitan Hotel was given a complete makeover, which included customized new windows that provided a waterproof barrier to the building.[2] However, the real improvements did not reach Newark until 2014, when the Newark Development Partners decided to invest more than one million dollars into improvements. These improvements came with another change; operation of the hotel was taken over by by Hilton, and the facility became a DoubleTree hotel. The improvements included new closets, shower stalls, tiling in the bathrooms, additional king-sized beds, complimentary WiFi, 37-inch televisions, an improved heated indoor pool, a larger 24 hour fitness center, a business center, and a 5000 square foot meeting center.[3]



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