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In 1992, Interwestern Management Corporation, an Arizona-based company, became part of a land contract for the $10,000,000 Cherry Valley Lodge project. The project managers hoped that opening this large resort would draw more business to the area and would improve the community surrounding it.[1] Cherry Valley Lodge opened with over 2000 people in attendance on October 1, 1993, a year-and-a-half after it was contracted.[2]

In 1997, the lodge decided to announce an expansion, which would add an additional 80 rooms. Some of the new rooms would be suites and luxury rooms, and the expansion would also add more banquet space for meetings and groups. This expansion would almost double the original size of the lodge.[3] Aside from its quiet country setting, the Cherry Valley Lodge is also known for its indoor water park, Coco Keys. The plan to build the park was introduced October 2005, promising to create up to 100 jobs. [4]



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