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St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church in Newark

The first tract of land bought in Licking County to build a Catholic church was in Jacksontown, in Bowling Green Township near the National Road on December 11th, 1830. The influx of Irish immigrants and the growing communities prompted a Catholic church to be built so the Irish workers and their families had a church of their own. It is unlikely however that a church was ever built on that land because no title or or deed for the church was ever recorded. [1] Years later the first Catholic Church in Licking County was established in Newark, St. Francis de Sales, by the priest Jean Baptiste Lamy, who was sent to the area in 1839. The first building itself was completed in 1844. A parochial school was established with the church in 1858 by the Father Frederick Bender. [2]

  • Blessed Sacrament Church, Newark
  • Catholic Church of the Ascension, Johnstown
  • St. Edward the Confessor Church, Granville
  • St. Francis de Sales Church, Newark
  • St. Joseph's Church, Jersey
  • St. Leonard's Catholic Church, Heath


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