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The Buxton Inn has been located at 313 Broadway in Granville for over two hundred years, and unsurprisingly, the building is believed to be the oldest operating inn in its original structure in Ohio. The previous owners, Orville and Audrey Orr, restored the building to its former glory from 1972-1974. In 2012, the owners placed the inn for sale, with an asking price of 3.9 million dollars.[1] The Buxton Inn was sold two years later for 1.9 million dollars. The Historic Buxton Inn, LLC of Granville purchased the building.[2]



The Buxton Inn is famously said to be haunted by ghosts, according to reports from former owners, some guests, carpenters, former employees and others over the years.

Although many possibilities exist as to whom these spirits represent, two of the spirits said to be seen most often may be Major Buxton, the inn’s namesake, and Ethel Houston “Bonnie” Bounell. The figure purported to be Major Buxton’s apparition had been seen walking in the dining room or sitting by a fireplace. Most often seen was a ghostly figure of a woman dressed in blue that was reported to resemble Bonnie Bounell. Bounell favored the color blue and was a former owner until her death. Her ghostly figure dressed in blue was most often seen on the second floor and sometimes on the balcony and stairway or at the foot of a guest’s bed.

Some of the ghostly events at the Buxton Inn were not only visual sightings. Housekeepers were reported to resist going into guest rooms alone due to hearing someone near them. It was also reported that Nell Schoeller, a former owner who died in 1976, once felt that a cold spirit touched her shoulder as she walked in the patio area.

Orville Orr, a more recent owner of the inn, told of workers remodeling the inn who reported a woman’s apparition dressed in blue walking on the balcony and vanishing after descending the stairway. [3] [4]



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