Bummie's Pub and Grub

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Bummie’s Pub and Grub is located at 155 North Cedar Street, which has continuously housed a business since 1908. The business was originally owned by Billie Sauers. In the 1940s, Bummie’s was renamed Hollar Hi-Spot Café, after it was purchased by Spot Hollar. In 1969, the name was changed back to Bummie’s Hi-spot when the shop was purchased by relatives of Billie Sauers, James and Stella Baumgartner.[1] In November of 2014, James "David" Baumgartner, the son of James and Stella, sold Bummie's Hi-Spot to Tim and Christin Malherbe. The couple renamed the business Bummie's Pub and Grub, and decided to focus on creating a classic restaurant that would serve as a popular destination among locals.[2]



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