Buckeye Central Scenic Railway

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Beginning in 1983, the Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad (BCSR) established a volunteer-staffed short line scenic railroad attraction in Licking County. The train initially ran about three miles between Rt. 40 across from Lakewood High School to Irving Wick Drive in Heath. A small station next to the south end of the line on Rt. 40 was used to sell souvenirs. The Newark, Heath, Buckeye Lake Scenic Railway was the corporate name for the BCSR.[1]

The founding of the BCSR began with former railroad employees, enthusiasts, collectors, and volunteers. A group of former B & O Railroad employees negotiated an agreement to lease the line from the Chessie Railroad at $1 per year. Chessie also donated five railroad cars. The engine was provided by one of the directors of the BCSR. [2]

When the BCSR’s lease was not renewed by the current leaseholder, the Licking County Foundation, the train took its final passenger run in September 2007. Much of the equipment and the contents of the station were to be auctioned off. It was suggested that the track bed may be used as a bike path.[3]

In 2008, the BSCR and the Bass Run Rail Riders worked together to establish a new railway—the Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad. The group planned to operate the new scenic railroad in Muskingum County. Several railroad cars, the cabooses, and the engine from the Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad were to be utilized by the new ZWSR.[4]



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