Bicentennial 1808-2008

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Bicentennial Flag celebrating 200 years of history in Licking County

In 2008, Licking County celebrated its Bicentennial. Although settlers first came to the area in 1798, it was officially founded in 1808. Newark was the first community founded in 1802.[1] The county was primarily agricultural, but the urban areas began to grow with the construction of the Ohio Canal in 1825. Since then, the county has seen the growth and fall of canals, interurban cars and railroads. There have been a number of events such as airplane crashes, epidemics, and legends that have colored the history of the county.

The county celebrated the bicentennial with a number of local activities and events. A Bicentennial Commission was created that produced a community calendar, and published "Images of America: Licking County" by Connie Rutter and Sondra Brockway Gartner. [1] A bicentennial quilt was created by local quilters which celebrated the history of the county which had a square representing each township. [2]


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