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Third St. entrance to the Arcade, 1909
The Newark Arcade, also called the Arcade Mini Mall, is located between Third and Fourth Streets in downtown Newark. It was formally opened on June 7, 1909, and was one of only eight glassed-in shopping centers in Ohio.[1] The original space was a collection of livery stables, buildings, and storage sheds that Arcade Realty, a “group of distinguished businessmen that include Carl Weiant, F. Kennedy, Charles Spencer, E.T. Rugg…” and Harry and John Swisher purchased and redesigned with architect Carl E. Howell. [2] [3] Originally, the Arcade was built for twenty-three stores, but at one point, thirty businesses occupied the space. In its early years, the Arcade was known for more than its businesses. It had a beautiful fountain, a theater called the Arcade Theater, and it was rumored to have a speakeasy on the second floor and poker parties in the basement.[4] The fountain and theater are no longer there, but the Arcade still houses local businesses in downtown Newark.



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