Allen L. Moran

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Allen L. Moran (October 3, 1954 - present) is a brick sculptor. For this kind of work, unfired bricks are arranged like a mural, numbered, carved, separated, fired, and then pieced back together later on site. Moran was employed by the Bowerston Shale Company for fifteen years as a shipping foreman, but after the company realized his talent, he was promoted to resident sculptor. His work was used by Park National Bank as the image for a Christmas ornament distributed to the public in 1991. The piece, which contained the image of some local buildings in Newark, was first seen at the Licking County Home and Garden Show by Jill Gillespie who was inspired to use it for the Christmas ornaments. [1] In 1995, Moran sculpted the first permanent piece of art on display at the governor’s mansion gifted by one of Ohio’s counties. [2] Then in 1996, the Audubon Zoo Animal Center in New Orleans commissioned Moran to sculpt a large mural for their entrance. [3] His work can be seen all around the eastern half of the country as well as Michigan, Wisconsin and Texas.



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