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For many years, the Aladdin Restaurant has been a prime location in Granville, Ohio, being located at 122 East Broadway. Many residents of the village have stated that the Aladdin is as crucial to Granville as the four churches on Main Street and Broadway. The Aladdin closed in December 2010 after the retirement of the owner/cook, Don Snelling, but fortunately reopened in March 2011 under new ownership. The restaurant is now owned by Christa Foreman.[1]

In the past, the Aladdin has offered a wide variety of sandwiches, such as hamburgers, BLTs, triple decker clubs, fishtails, Reubens, and many, many more. The restaurant was also known for its delicious dinners, soups, and desserts.[2]

After the Aladdin reopened under new ownership, the restaurant stopped offering a dinner service, serving only breakfast and lunch. Much of the menu was kept the same or was only slightly altered. Some changes may have been hard to swallow, but the majority of customers were grateful for the reopening of the beloved restaurant. To the surprise of many, prices were lowered for many items on the menu.[3]



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