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The Licking County Library has many maps available to the public in its Local History Vertical Files. Here is a sampling of maps showing representations of Newark as it appeared in the first half of the nineteenth century.


This is considered to be Newark's "birth certificate" as it was written by General William Cortenus Schenck, who is considered to be the founder of Newark. The map and letter were printed by the Licking County Historical Society as reproductions of the original. Text on the back side reads: "This is a facsimile reproduction of a letter which has aptly been called "Newark's Birth Certificate." In the handwriting of Newark's founder, General William Cortenus Schenck, this document contains a detailed description of the establishment of the town destined to become the county seat of Licking County, Ohio. The letter was discovered by a Chicago autograph dealer, and was purchased from him by Miss Jean Davis of Newark, Ohio. On January 26, 1954, Miss Davis presented this unique item of local history to the Licking County Historical Society."

A letter and map of Newark, Ohio in 1803, written by William C. Schenck.
Newark's "birth certificate," March 16, 1803


This image is based off of a book entitled A Pen Picture of Newark As It Appeared in 1818 by an unnamed author. The drawing was done in 1941 by H.F. Sicard.

 A map of Newark, Ohio in 1808. Drawn by H.F. Sicard in 1941.
Newark in 1808