Julia Dent

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Julia Boggs Dent was born January 26, 1826 in St. Louis, Missouri, the daughter of Frederick F. Dent and Ellen Wrenshall. She married Ulysses S. Grant in August 1848 following his service in the Mexican War.

There is a longstanding and erroneous legend in Licking County, Ohio that Julia was from Newark. It is true that her father had a business in Newark from 1810-1815, long before Julia was born. However, in 1815, Frederick gave power of attorney to John Cully to dispose of his Newark holdings and moved to Pittsburgh. At some point later, they moved to St. Louis where Julia was born and educated. One biography of Julia states that her first time away from home was after her marriage when Grant took her to visit his parents at Point Pleasant, Ohio, about twenty-five miles southeast of Cincinnati.[1][2][3][4]



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