Jewett Car Company

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A photo of the Jewett Car Company Factory
A postcard showing the Jewett Car Company factory
The Jewett Car Company was founded in 1897 in Jewett, Ohio. In 1900, the Newark Board of Trade became interested in the prospect of bringing the trolley car factory to Newark. The Board of Trade offered the Jewett Car Company a free factory site along South Williams Street and allotted $8,000 to help them move.[1]

After a decade of business, the Jewett Car Company became known nationally, selling trolley cars all over the country. The company was headed by William Shrewsburg Wright, who was the company’s president. Despite their national acclaim, however, the Jewett Car Company went into receivership in 1918 due to lack of operating capital.[2]

A portion of the Jewett Car Company’s factory still remains along the railroad tracks on South Williams Street.



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