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Gloria Hoover is a well-known reporter and historian in Licking County, Ohio. Gloria worked for many years as a reporter for the Newark Advocate. As a reporter, she wrote articles that belonged to a vast range of topics, but her actions have proven that she holds the historical significance of Newark very highly.

Gloria’s love of Newark helped push her to want to connect her beloved hometown to the other Newarks of the world. While on a two week trip through Europe in October 1979, Gloria decided to take advantage of a photo opportunity of Newark-on-Trent in England. During her time here, she met several individuals who shared her desire to link the many Newarks to each other, thus sparking the beginning of the Newarks-of-the-World organization.[1]

In July 2009, Gloria Hoover was recognized by the Licking County Historical Society for her work to preserve the county’s history. In 2008, Gloria created and implemented the Licking County Bicentennial Marker Program, forever cementing her place in Licking County’s history for her outstanding efforts.[2]



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