Clarence White

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Clarence Hudson White was born on April 8, 1871, in West Carlisle, Ohio. White is known for being one of Newark, Ohio’s most well-known photographers. Many of his photographs feature people and families from Newark.

White began teaching himself the art of photography in 1893 and was very influenced by Whistler and Japanese Art. He became very active in several photography clubs and helped to organize the Newark Camera Club in 1898. One year later, White became a member of the New York Camera Club. In addition to these clubs, he was a founder-member of the Photo-Secession, founded in 1902. He later became the first president of the Pictorial Photographers of America.[1]

After some time, White launched a commercial photography career and moved to New York City to establish his own studio in 1906. From 1907-1925, White was a lecturer at Columbia University Teachers College and visited several other colleges to pass on his expertise.[2]

In 1914, Clarence White founded the Clarence White School of Photography in New York. The school existed until 1943 with the assistance of wife, his friends, and family who continued to operate the school after White’s unexpected death in 1925.[3]

White died on July 8, 1925, in Mexico City, Mexico. Following his surprising and sudden death, his body was brought back to Newark, Ohio, where it is currently buried.[4]



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