John J. Carroll Department Store

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A photo of Carroll's Department Store.
Carroll's in the early 1940's.

The John J. Carroll Department Store, also known simply as Carroll’s Department Store, was a Newark, Ohio business established in the late 1800s by John J. Carroll . [1]

Carroll’s Department Store was originally established in October 1886, under the name of Carroll and Company. The owners were comprised of John J. Carroll, T.B. Carroll, W.M. Cooney, and J.M. Caren. In 1898, John J. Carroll purchased the other interests in the store and changed the name to John J. Carroll’s.

When it first opened, the store was located at South Park Place. It was later moved to the Donovan Block in the spring of 1917, and then temporarily to the Hull building in 1919. In 1920 the store was moved again to North Third Street. [2] The store was comprised of various departments including Gourmet, Bridal, Draperies, Women’s Shoes, Fine Jewelry, Accessory, Men’s, Children, Lingerie, Dress, Coats, Sportswear, and a Beauty Salon.

The store remained in the Carroll family until it was purchased by Fred W. Uhlman and Company in February 1982. Despite being bought by the Ulhman family chain of stores, Carroll’s retained its name after the purchase because of its “long fine reputation for quality” in Newark. [3]



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